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RAMADISCOUNT and the rest of summer…


The RAMADISCOUNT has become an annual tradition for us to pass down incredible value to you (our family) during the month of Ramadan. 


We’ve taken a different approach this year by creating a specialized package (comes in 2 size quantities) at an awesome price!


….We named it “The Adorare” (it’s latin)


It contains some of our best selling and most revered goodies, all determined by you – our customer.


The Adorare has the following mouth-watering line-up:


  • Chocolate Peanut Sesame Super Cookie
  • Mixed Nut Tweesat
  • Chocolate Coconut Ka’ab
  • Sesame Ka’ab Ghazal
  • Desert Rose
  • Chocolate Pistachio Sticks
  • Chocolate Walnut Ginger Cookie


The quantities are limited and we recommend that you order early to guarantee delivery – especially if you are looking to have it for Eid.  Feel free to order now and put in the order comments “For Eid delivery”.  We’ll ensure you get your order delivered on/right before Eid.


As for the rest of the summer?  Well family, the folks at The Moroccan Bakery are going to school. :)


We will actually be shutting down for a month after Ramadan, in order to allow us to travel to Morocco.  Part of the trip will be us learning from some of the best culinary masters, so that we can continue to bring you innovative, authentic, and oh-so-yummy desserts. 


But we certainly don’t want you to be left alone while we travel.  Instead, we’ll be blogging and instagram-ing our exploits as we travel…  It’ll be like we are on the trip together :)


We’ll provide more updates as we get closer to departure.  In the meantime, get your orders in of The Adorare…  You won’t be sorry.

Keeping it Fresh

We’ve always taken pride in sending our absolutely fresh Moroccan goodies to everyone around the world.


As we continue working towards getting our products into stores, we’ve spent the last few months testing different ways of sealing our products to maintain its freshness while on store shelves.


From an economic standpoint, we’re looking for a balance of shelf life (so we don’t burn through inventory if they don’t all get sold quickly) and keeping the recipes natural - we are not a fan of adding additional preservatives (and we don’t think you are as well).


Ironically, it appears the simplest option to us is turning out to be the best!


However, our preliminary findings show that not all of our treats can be held in shelves.  So it appears that we may have to start out by selling some of our goodies in retail – and not all.  Again, all this is preliminary, so we may discover new methods that will not limit us.  So if you know of different ways to preserve our sweets and cookies, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email us.


The good news is, you can still enjoy all our goodies (100% fresh) by ordering from our site.  Those who have can attest to its awesomeness. :) 


We’ll keep you all posted how this venture progresses.



Written by The Moroccan Bakery — April 27, 2014

To Retail or not to Retail….?

One of the most common asks we’ve received thus far is when are we getting a storefront?


Trust us, its high on our radar.  But to be completely honest with you all, storefronts aren’t cheap.  The venture is quite expensive and all-life consuming.  Now that doesn’t mean that we are shying away from that eventuality, we simply want to do it right.  The look of our eventual store will have to exhibit the uniqueness of our product.  Our focus is that your experience entering into the store will be just as memorable as your first bite into our delish goodies.


But that still doesn’t solve an underlying issue…  Some of you prefer to shop in person as opposed to the online avenue currently available.  WE HEAR YOU!


In the meantime, we are working on getting some of our products to some retail locations across the GTA to accommodate those who simply want to pick something up on their way.


Naturally, other logistics come into play.  Labeling requirements, packaging sealants, etc…  We are currently working through that and hope to have something ready for distribution soon.


We are also exploring unique packaging options…  But we’ll keep that a secret for now ;)


Keep checking here for more updates as we post...

Written by The Moroccan Bakery — April 05, 2014

The First 6 Months...

There certainly have been a lot of lessons learned on our part; mainly in the art of production...

Written by The Moroccan Bakery — March 29, 2014

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