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There is a great deal of uncertainty right now with everything going on around COVID-19, so we wanted to make you all aware of the steps we are taking to ensure the people most important to us, our customers, remain safe.

We have taken a number of proactive steps to protect against the spread of all communicable illnesses, including COVID-19, which include:

  • All staff conducting additional hand-washing above and beyond our existing best-in-class standards.
  • Equipment and materials being disinfected and sanitized at an even frequent pace.
  • Shipment boxes are being sealed from all corners to ensure the contents inside are free from outside exposure.

In addition, staff who feel any symptoms will be asked to stay home and remain in self-isolation for 14 days to which they will be fully compensated.  As a small business, this isn’t an easy policy to implement.  But the betterment of our staff is priority for us and they can rest easy knowing that making the right decision won’t impact them financially.

Everything seems to be changing daily and we don’t have all the answers as of yet.  We know that we are a decadent item and may not be top of mind for most, but rest assured that if you do decide to shop with us we will work our hardest to make your order safe, authentic, and scrumptious.

In these trying times, we hope we can be one of the things that puts a smile on your face.

Stay safe.  We’ll get through this together.



The Moroccan Bakery

Written by The Moroccan Bakery — March 18, 2020




May 03 2020



May 03 2020

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