The Moroccan Bakery

Assorted Box - Ramadan Edition (Limited Time)

A perfect gift for your loved ones, or yourself, for this Ramadan season.  It includes all the most traditional cookies served in Morocco during this auspicious month and will brighten up anyones evening.

Inside you'll find:

    • Chebakia (4)
      • A staple in Morocco, this almond based sweet is gently coated in honey-based wonderment.  Made with almond flour, cinnamon, a hint of anise and sprinkled with sesame seeds.  Basically it's a cheaper way to visit Morocco.
    • Briouats (4)
      • This deliciously addictive dessert is a phylo wrapped pastry wrapped around a sweet almond filling, sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds, and dipped in a honey-based glaze of awesomeness.
    • Ka'ab Ghazal (4)
      • Arguably the most traditional cookie in Morocco, it's 
    • a sweet almond filling with hints of orange blossom, wrapped in a light almond pastry shell and pleasantly designed by hand.  A simply great tasting treat.  

Limited quantities and available for a limited time, so hurry before is all gone.

*Note: Pricing will not be included on the label for online orders