The Moroccan Bakery

We've just returned back from our short trip to Marrakech. We visited this beautiful city to get inspired by some of the cookie creations of the south, talk shop with the pastry chefs, and do a little shopping as well ;)

But before we get into that, let me first take moment to acknowledge the city. Marrakech is a historically old, cosmopolitan, clean, and well kept city that is extremely HOT!!! Now we can take heat like the best of them, but this place is ridiculous in the summer. Everyday was 40+C and that wasn't including any humidity. Our days consisted of morning shopping/research, then back to the hotel for shelter and a swim, then back outside closer to the evening (when the temperature begins to drop again).

We got to Marrakech by taking the night train. We bought tickets with beds (couchettes) and I'd recommend this approach to anyone. From Tangiers to Marrakech by train is about 10 hours, which passes nicely when you are asleep. We left at 10pm and arrived there all rested at 8am the next morning. The cost of the ticket was about $45 CAD - which isn't too shabby at all. Now don't expect glamorous surroundings, you are essentially sleeping on a bunk bed - but it's air conditioned and you're served some of the best train coffee we've ever had. ;)

But enough about that, what did we find? At the beginning, we found a lot of what we found up north in tangiers (in regards to cookie styles and selection). We were a bit disappointed because we remember coming across 2 places a few years ago that had a great selection. We spent 2 days navigating the labyrinth that is their main souk (which is actually a bunch of different souks blended together), to no avail....

...Until the last day, right before we were going to leave.

We finally found the 2 shops and spent some time with them talking about their cooking and preparation methods. We certainly took a lot from them and can't wait to start experimenting in the lab when we get back home. We bought a bunch to snack on and to take home with us as well.

The trip was exhausting due to all the walking, bargaining, and dealing with the heat - but it was all worth it!!

Only a few days left before we head back home - which (we hope) will consist of mainly going to the beach :)

Here are some pictures of the 2 places and their amazing Moroccan cookies and sweets.

Chat again soon ;)

Written by The Moroccan Bakery — August 22, 2014



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