The Moroccan Bakery

A big hello all the way down in Morocco!

We write this update whilst sipping on some delicious coffee, on a cafe patio, with the humming of a busy night life as our soundtrack. We finally made it! It's been a long flight (overnight to Madrid, 3 hrs layover, then a quick 1 hr to Tangiers).

Naturally, you arrive in the middle of the day and are expected to stay up and visit family almost immediately (if they are not already at your home waiting for you, lol). It takes about 2-3 days before you get into any sort of pattern resembling normalcy.

The good news is, none of this should delay our planning to study under some of the best pastry chefs in the region. How, you ask? Well, we're going to let you in on a little secret..... Half of The Moroccan Bakery team have been here for over a month already... Studying... During the highest demand time for Moroccan sweets - Ramadan!!!

That's right, we don't mess around over here. Lol. We wanted to make sure we had as much opportunity to hone our craft, collaborate on recipes, and bring even more delectable goodies than you could ever imagine.

Thus far, we've develop a couple of new cookies and really worked with the team here on refining our recipes. Certainly more to come.

We also had the opportunity to go out on the town, and visit the beach (we allow some pleasure to our business) ;)

Some pictures after the jump... Feel free to comment away.


Written by The Moroccan Bakery — August 09, 2014


susan Mozes:

Happy to hear all is well with your trip! did you go to Agadir? I hope i spelled it right! lol… I hear the beaches are out of this world…..I hope you will post lots more pictures of Morocco….:)

August 09 2014

The Moroccan Bakery:

We haven’t been to Agadir yet, but it is something we are looking into. On top of the beaches, that place is the global centre for argan oil. Going to try real hard to make the visit – it’s about an 8-9hrs drive from where we are.

August 10 2014


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