The Moroccan Bakery

Sampler Pack

If you're unsure which ones to try first, let us help you out.  The Sampler Pack is perfect for those new to Moroccan desserts.  The Sampler Pack will allow you to try all the different varieties Moroccan desserts come in and provide a good balance between contemporary creations and traditional staples.

The Sampler Pack comes with the following:

  • Chebakia (3)
  • Sesame Ka'ab Ghazal (3)
  • Briouats (3)
  • Chocolate Coconut Ka'ab (3)
  • Moroccan Half Cannoli (3)
  • Chocolate Pistachio Stick (3)
  • Cat Paws (5)
  • Desert Rose (5)
  • Chocolate Walnut Ginger Cookies (5)
  • Date Cookies (Super Moroccan Maamoul) (5)
  • S'fouf balls (5)
  • Moroccan Shirbeel (slippers) (5)

You simply can't go wrong with this impressive list - and the even more impressive price!